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Oh My God...

By limitedbythesky

Rawr...I ate your head. Stats

Formed: 4th March 2006
Split: 20th December 2015
Best Album: 'Jibber Foretop Maximals' 9/10 in the NME (Album of the Month November 2012.)
Best Single: 'Holytide Warbled Guess Sizy Aretes' 10/10 in the NME (Single of the Week 20th December 2009.)
Records Sold: 1,088,396,937 in total (504,712,775 albums, 583,684,162 singles).
Reputation: Legendary
Groupies: frio69 is a bizarre little creature, when they are not suckling at the non-proverbial teat of saintmaverick, they spend the rest of their spare time trying to seduce anything on legs.

Rawr...I ate your head. Member Profiles


Without mister_lobsters, Rawr...I ate your head. would be a very different band. It is safe to say that mister_lobsters's vision and charisma shaped the band during their most vital periods.


saintmaverick is certainly no Jimi Hendrix but ain't a Barney Sumner either. They are distinctly middle of the road and bore the bloody tits off me.

For the past couple of years my_socks_rock has struggled with a drug addiction which has been negatively affecting their bass playing skills and their showmanship. A spell in rehab could resurrect my_socks_rock's career'

anglo_phile is a solid live performer but fails to add anything too significant to the bands dynamics.

If abbichicken steps up the practice a little bit by limiting the amount of time that their finger remains up their asshole they have a chance of becoming a capable musician.

Single Releases

# Title Date
22 Biotypic Aleatory Coquina Pavid Doily Apr 2006
25 Inkling Sarment Intermix Caracols Ceratin Inlays May 2006
12 Retaker Rightist Newness Aug 2006
8 Occasion Decoyers Echidna Oct 2006
2 Lithest Recurs Nov 2007
2 Accrual Aortal Classic Rugging Haniwa Monotint Feb 2008
2 Yids Mar 2008
2 Hums Chubbily Violable Alpines Nosebags Jul 2009
1 Dampish Dauphins Expend Oct 2009
1 Rerisen Mender Rooms Dreks Nov 2009
1 Holytide Warbled Guess Sizy Aretes Dec 2009
2 Beads Vakil Arable Springe Adios Kamacite Apr 2011
1 Sinkable Caked Ammonal Inbreds Jul 2011
1 Drips Ivories Basking Omniform Aug 2011
1 Porcino Puri Missals Cothurn Loyalest Skiddoo Dec 2012
1 Tenant Feb 2013
2 Boobies Commands Stannums Mar 2013
1 Tenanted Apr 2013
1 Boozily Ependyma Theses Sep 2014
1 Smutchy Fleecer Chinking Gaiety Nov 2014
2 Pallor Overwets Dampness Nov 2014

Album Releases

# Title Date
31 Locale Mar 2006
2 Cosmists Eligible Redpolls Oct 2007
1 Designer Apr 2009
1 Stride Holmiums Costumed Feb 2011
1 Jibber Foretop Maximals Nov 2012
1 Guggled Midget Nordic Pledgeor Higglers Aug 2014

northern ireland's worst

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