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Peroxide? Nah...
11 October
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At A Glance

Name || Sara
Nicknames || Josie!♥((Because I remind my F & F of Josie Jumps from Balamory, I look and sound nowt like her)), Roy ((Because I can be a bit of a 'Keane-head' sometimes)) and Malara ((because it is a witty, rhyming pun of my name...Genius...))
Football Club || Liverpool Football Club
Nationality || English
Location || Sydney, Australia
First Language || English
Second Languages || Japanese, German ((Learning))
Gender || Female

Up Close And Personal

I've got to fix this...But not now it's too late.

And Just Because...
Warning || This journal contains swearing, slash (homoerotic material), Alot of whinging, complaining, nonsense, Liverpool spam. There's your warning, don't like it? Leave.
Currently || *cough* Farin?


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