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James Bush? Pardon...

I watched the 'Pushed Again' clip today for the first time in about 2 years. I'd forgotten what that song was really about and some of the events that are shown in that clip.

If any one ever tells me that that fecking brilliant band A) Isn't/wasn't political or B)Doesn't even exist, I am going to yell at them relentlessly, sit them down to that clip and proceed to ask them if Green Day have shown or would show any of that in their videos.

I can not take another lesson of sitting there listening to the dumb, racist comments those ignorant people say. I am completely over arguing their points of view; 'Green Day are the only political band in the world because they hate America', 'Immigrants should be shot on arrival' and 'People who live in poverty should just die'.

I am stuck in a debating group full of fucking retards. Ignorant retards.

How these people made the top classes in English ceases to amaze me...You'd think anyone would half a brain pay attention to what I have to say because I've seen the world different to them. So much for broad minded!

I pay attention to these topics in the news. I fucking love Green Day. And let me tell you, brainless fucktard twat, 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' is about his father and plays a part in the rock-opera...NOT as you naively said "Is about Everybody going to war and dying and everyone hates James Bush"
Fuck! You don't even know the president's name! Who the fuck are you to make presumptions?

Second idiot, Die toten Hosen do fucking exist. Don't you dare insult a band like them with saying 'And I think you're making that up. Everyone knows only English, American, Australian and that other place people are famous'.
And I suppose 'The Ring' came out of some Canadian's arse? Sure, whatever tickles your pickle. You are seven-fucking-teen, I'm sure you know something about the world.
And by the way, Kelly and Metze are famous German footballers. And if you had the brain capacity of a mole-rat I'd tell you to look them and the book they wrote up.
And by the way, just so you know for next time, fucktard! - HITLER WASN'T GERMAN. GERMANS ARE NOT NAZIS.

Third Brain-dead moron, I am ENGLISH and not fucking SCOTTISH! What the fuck don't you get about that!? It's okay to make mistakes but when you start asking every 2 seconds, for christs sake. Whether you're playing dumb, mocking me or you're just a screwed in the head...
And Pizza isn't Chinese - It's Italian. And people from Portugal speak Portuguese not Spanish or Speen-ish.

Oh and to whichever one of you genocidal arseholes said it;
Not all Muslims should be burnt at the stake!
It's the racist loosers like you three who make this country a scary and bad place to live in. What did the teacher call it, 'Skipsville'?

Me of all people have to be stuck with these demented lunatics.

That hasn't made me feel better.

Sami Is Love.

I am going to bed now...
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